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  • 3/12/14 5:46 pm EDT

    Google Glass

    It stood out on my SXSW conference program, a morsel of easily mockable geekery amidst a sea of boring panels about ninja marketing and social platform building – "A core conversation with Google Glass Explorers." Oh, good, I thought, some fish in a barrel.

    As it turned out, though, the Google Glass meet-up I attended over the weekend will almost certainly be the most heartwarming thing I see in Austin this year. Read more

  • 3/11/14 8:00 pm EDT


    There are dozens—if not hundreds—of variations of the traditional B2B marketing funnel model, all tailored to fit their respective context. Many past models of the funnel were predicated on a vendor-controlled process. The advent of mainstream internet use nevertheless turned this model on its head, arming the new generation of B2B buyers with knowledge and empowering them with the ability to self-service. Read more

  • 3/5/14 8:00 pm EST


    Paul Bowman, Senior Editor, Business Wire

    For many organizations, finding press release content is not hard—they focus on new product launches, or company changes.  But what about when you are looking to activate new audiences, or initiate new discussions in between tent pole news events?  When it comes to generating truly newsworthy press releases, your company doesn’t always need to create entirely new content. There are plenty of existing content options internally, your team just

  • 3/4/14 8:00 pm EST

    Social Media Chain

    Questioning the social media influence of what people choose to read in the news has become a topic of much recent discussion. Surveys show people will list numerous methods they use to consume media, including social networks, and considering how many options there are to read the news, it is no surprise why this topic of influence is still a mystery. Read more

  • 2/18/14 8:00 pm EST

    Since the first use of colour in printed advertising in 1936, the marketing industry has become increasingly aware of the effect that colours can have on consumers. In fact, the usage of graphics is so prevalent, many organisations such as the well-known Logo Company are creating vital reference charts highlighting the impact of colour on their overall goals. Continue reading

  • 1/21/14 8:00 pm EST

    In part two of our series on maximizing the digital press release, we are going to look at the reasons why multimedia is no longer optional in driving impact via a press release.

  • 1/14/14 5:00 pm EST

    For many years, communication programs did not utilize input from every department in the company before launching. Thankfully, this has changed.

    Today’s most successful communication programs run across many different divisions to maximize even the smallest program’s potential success.  In addition to increasing the potential for success, cross-department programs provide deeper insights necessary for future programs.  Below, we breakdown how marketing and PR support the impact of

  • 1/9/14 8:00 am EST

    In keeping with the commitment to actively educate and inform today’s PR, IR and communications industries, Business Wire has released a new guidance report titled “A Guide for Press Release Optimization.” The paper is a free download and is available now.

  • 12/31/13 8:00 am EST

    We at PRNewser know that speaking out against clients (in the open) may be taboo. But for sake of discussion, let’s pretend it’s okay to be honest, mmmmkay?

    How many times have you worked tirelessly for what seems like a millennium for a greattrade story?

  • 12/30/13 8:00 am EST

    Twenty years ago, a PR professional looking to increase awareness of their company among key constituents might write up a press release, pitch journalists, share the subsequent articles with company management, clients and colleagues and consider his or her day a success. Unfortunately, those days are over.


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