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  • 12/31/13 8:00 am EST

    We at PRNewser know that speaking out against clients (in the open) may be taboo. But for sake of discussion, let’s pretend it’s okay to be honest, mmmmkay?

    How many times have you worked tirelessly for what seems like a millennium for a greattrade story?

  • 12/30/13 8:00 am EST

    Twenty years ago, a PR professional looking to increase awareness of their company among key constituents might write up a press release, pitch journalists, share the subsequent articles with company management, clients and colleagues and consider his or her day a success. Unfortunately, those days are over.

  • 12/5/13 8:00 am EST

    What is in your arsenal to help the search engines find your content? 

    Do you have a special military-style unit capable of striking the Internet with speed and precision, giving you highly valued search results above the competition? Before you drop the bomb on SEO, check out these five tips that will change you from an unknown victim to an organized search engine commando capable of saving the day. Continue reading

  • 11/25/13 8:00 am EST

    Search engines play a vital role for both consumer (search users) and organizations alike. Consumers rely on search engines to answer questions, quickly and correctly, while companies strive to ensure they appear at the top of search results for relevant queries.

    As search users evolve from single keyword searches to conversational search phrases, the responsibility and burden of SEO shifts from individual assets produced by the company, such as a press release, to the engagement the company

  • 11/25/13 8:00 am EST

    Any good publicist knows holidays are a great opportunity to get your company mentioned or have a product included in a gift guide. With most of the traditional media outlets now online and social media playing a much larger role in a media campaign, what is the best way to take advantage of the upcoming holidays? Common questions include: What are the lead times for holiday gift guides? Do newspapers need as much time as magazines for pitching my client's products? What are the rules for

  • 11/19/13 8:00 am EST

    The sight is so common now; it doesn’t even register with us anymore.

    You see someone with a few minutes to kill, whether it be waiting for a bus or an appointment, and inevitably the smartphone comes out and the individual is immediately engaged with the apps and web that are so easily accessible.

    This is media consumption in 2013 and there is no going back. Continue reading

  • 11/8/13 10:04 am EST

    At the recent SNCR (Society for New Communications Research) Excellence in Media Awards, GetCityDealz, SEO-PR and Business Wire were presented with the Visual Media Category/Corporate Division award for a press release campaign demonstrating the measurable benefits of including multimedia in press releases.

    Read all about the campaign, its results and the award at:

  • 11/1/13 8:00 am EDT

    It's the season for ghosts and goblins, which makes it a good time to look at problems that often bedevil brands and communications professionals. Scary movies can tell us a lot about PR, such as:

    Trust is crucial (“The Thing”)

  • 10/30/13 8:56 am EDT

    At the recent US Search Awards at PubCon Las Vegas 2013, Business Wire, SEO-PR and Get City Dealz were presented with the first US Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign award for a press release test showing conclusively how effective a properly-targeted multimedia press release campaign can be. The campaign showed measurable results in new site traffic and engagement through a series of timed releases and trackable URLs. 

    Read all about it at

  • 3/20/13 10:29 am EDT

    A video interview with Warren Buffett on the power of innovation has officially launched the start of the's The Innovation Project™ 2013, a two-day program to challenge the way the payments and its broader commerce ecosystem thinks, talks, delivers and ignites innovation. Buffett sat down with Business Wire CEO Cathy Baron Tamraz and offered his view on the current landscape of the payments industry and his optimism for the economic future in his keynote introduction to the program