NX and FTP Feeds

Business Wire offers real-time news delivery options that are fast, reliable and secure.  If you have an IT staff or know how to handle NewsML or HTML files then the best option for you is going to be either NX or FTP/SFTP feed.

Both feeds deliver NewsML with XHTML tagging for a highly customizable format on your site or intranet. News is delivered ready for your CSS to be applied to the NewsML or can be displayed in HTML that's pre-formatted.  The choice is up to you.

When seconds count in your business use NX or FTP/SFTP feeds from Business Wire.

Business Wire's Premier News Delivery System

Business Wire's NX

Business Wire conceived of NX with the goal of building an improved news delivery system for media organizations using the speed and reliability of the public Internet.  The ratification of the NewsML standard by the IPTC in 2001 helped provide the capability of transmitting news in advanced document formats.  These two standards - the Internet and NewsML - form the functional basis of NX.

BW NX has been in use by the media since September 2003.  In October 2006 we added XHTML data to our NewsML and removed ANPA/TEXT data from our NewsML in November 2008.

NX, a Business Wire software system patented in the U.S., the EU and Canada, is designed to use the internet as a communications medium to deliver Business Wire news in a simultaneous broadcast to its media customers.  NewsML with XHTML mark-up is the primary data transmission format that contains the news as well as metadata items.  HTML pre-formatted files are also available.

  • NX FAQ - To read move about NX and how you can utilize the powerful tool of NewsML data delivered in real-time.
Sites that Use NX

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance

Investors.comInvestor's Business Daily
Agence France PresseAFP









An alternative to NX

FTP and SFTP Feed Information

Sometimes infrastructure demands don't allow the installation of an API. Your security department may have policies set-up that prohibit you from installing NX. Business Wire also offers data sent via push FTP or push SFTP to your servers.  The data is not encrypted as it is on NX, but the data is the same.  You'll be able to take advantage of all of the NewsML elements and XHTML tagging that's available on NX.

If you are intersted in an FTP or SFTP feed please contact our Licensing Group