RSS and Atom Feed Options

RSS and Atom Feed Options

RSS and Atom Feed Options

RSS and Atom feeds are very easy to implement, but your needs and web site constraints will dictate which feed works best for your site and your audience.

Both types of feeds can be cutomized using the keywords found on all Business Wire news.  Click keywords to see a list of your options.  Keywords can be combined to create a very cutomized feed.  Depending on your site(s) you may opt for multiple feeds based on the news you display on each page.

If you have any questions about our RSS or Atom feed options please e-mail

RSS Feed Information

  RSS Feed Information RSS is a simple headline list.  How you implement the data is up to you.  Once you paste the URL into your web site's HTML source code the headlines will appear on the page.  You may chose to adjust the width or create a scrolling list of headlines or enable them in some other way.

The best thing about RSS is that ever site you visit has RSS options, so if you want to integrate multiple data providers with one feed type, RSS is your easiest tool in your toolbox.

Click RSS to see our pre-made Industry-based RSS feeds.  These feeds are ready to plug and play.

Here are some sites that use our RSS technology to post press releases:

Kwan International


NewsDeutschland (In German)

Pipeline & Gas Journal

ATOM Feed Information

ATOM Feed InformationAtom is a NewsML based feed that includes the full text of the release.  When a user is visiting your site and clicks on a headline you will keep the view on your page. With RSS the user is directed to when they click a headline.

Since Atom is a full-text feed you will need to store the stories within your network, so that the user will stay on your site.

Business Wire's Atom feed is made using industry standards, so Googling how to implement an Atom feed will allow you all the flexibility you need to implement this dynamic news data feed.

Here are some sites that are using Atom feeds from Business Wire:


Caelus Green Room

ImpreMedia - English and Spanish