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Phyllis Dantuono

Chief Operating Officer
Business Wire
Phyllis Dantuono, Chief Operating Officer

Phyllis Dantuono was named Chief Operating Officer in December 2009, assuming responsibility for global operations, media/product strategy, and client contract administration.  She oversees and maintains Business Wire's editorial standards and integrity on a company wide basis, thereby protecting Business Wire's most important asset: its reputation and credibility in the marketplace. Dantuono has been instrumental in formulating Business Wire's news policies and standards, and vigilantly protects the company's editorial integrity on a daily basis.

After several years in retail management and communications, Dantuono joined the Equity Group, a New York-based investor and financial public relations firm. In 1986 Phyllis joined Business Wire and held management positions in both sales and operations, before being named a Senior Vice President, then Executive Vice President. She has served on the company's Executive Committee since 2001.

Dantuono earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Communications from St. Johns University in New York; and attended New York Institute of Finance for graduate studies in business and communications.

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